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Crystal Mountain's Scenic Gondola Does Wow

By Emmalee David
Published: 09/01/14 Topics: Comments: 0

Winter, we were worn out by March. Needing to shake it up a bit we hit the road in a southeasterly direction. With windows down for the first time this year, our hopes were high as the lushness of the mountains came into view. The sun was shining bright and our spirits soared.

My personal favorite way to experience and appreciate nature is on foot, belongings on my back-hiking; my second favorite is whatever yours is! I invited some transplants out for this excursion who had not yet seen our beautiful northwestern landscape. Thinking to myself while driving, "What's something we all can enjoy?", a light bulb went off and I set our path toward Crystal Mountain. The scenic gondola that ascends from the base takes visitors to a view of Mount Rainier that'll take your breath away (the good kind).

What I love about these gondola cabs is the glass ceiling. Initially, the peak looms over your head but it slowly recedes from view as you climb higher. A collective awe hit the group as we hopped out of our gondola cab. Mt. Rainier, front and center, with it's snow capped peak glistened in the sun, flanked by sweeping views of the Cascade Mountain Range. For some in our group this was their first time on a mountain. Feeling good about our opportunity to experience the grandeur, I snapped photos all around. I took mine, our group's, Mt. Rainier's, and a fellow visitor's before we moved on to The Summit House.

The Summit House Restaurant provides a similar view only with heat, beverages, and food. It should be mentioned, items are on the pricey side but it's a long way to carry supplies to the top and the view is worth every penny. Satiated, we emerged back into the sun, ready to descend.

Crystal Mountain is a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Seattle city life. There are plenty of activities to relax and enjoy for the day or more. No matter what your preference, this is one of the best ways to shake it up and recharge.

Author: Emmalee David – , Istay Reservations
Blog #: 0370 – 09/01/14

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