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How to see Elk at Mount Rainier

By Emmalee David
Published: 10/17/14 Topics: Comments: 0

Staying in the Greenwater Crystal Mountain area of Washington State near Mount Rainier? There are many perks to spending time in this area; a reprieve from the city, fresh air, beautiful homes and endless outdoor activities. If you're like me, seeing wildlife is always thrilling.

Something about seeing animals in their natural habitat truly makes the immersion in the forest feel authentic.

Staying in a vacation rental home in Greenwater give you a great opportunity to view Elk without traveling too far. You could even get lucky and not have to leave the comfort of the cabin!

Elk are most active during dawn and dusk periods. Being aware during these times significantly heightens your chances. Moving in herds, take a look at the ground to check for tracks.

Elk tracks are easy to spot, their weight guarantees they leave tracks on just about any malleable surface and there should be many tracks.

Being quiet and minimizing movement increases your chances of not scaring them off.

In my experience, I have seen the most Elk during dusk hours along the White River, accessible to guests staying in our Greenwater homes from neighborhood trails.

In the morning look for them moving from dense woods, this could be through property and also on roads in Crystal Ranch. Always remember to give them space and appreciate from a distance.

Happy viewing.

Author: Emmalee David – , Istay Reservations
Blog #: 0376 – 10/17/14

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